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Helping businesses engage new market segments and win large, multi-year contracts is our passion -- and we are always looking for more opportunities to do so.

As an independent consultant, TerraMetric's founder had a key customer who was facing challenges entering the U.S. market. Although more than 80% of the world’s satellite imagery was consumed in the United States, the customer had virtually no market presence. Without a creative new solution to get their imagery to the market, the customer knew they would have trouble winning new clients and gaining market share. By refocusing the company’s North American business development and delivery strategy, our founder led their boost from just over $1 million per year to more than $56 million in long-term contracts.

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Our Services


Business Development

We represent your capabilities into commercial, governmental, NGO and private organizations in order to cultivate and develop relationships that will ultimately result in pilots, demonstrations, and operational programs.    



We will represent and advocate for your interests across various stakeholders and staff from your prospective customers' internal groups. We identify key stakeholders, internal champions and decision makers while executing on objectives for building their support. This is all possible through direct and indirect engagements both individually and with partners.   


Brand Awareness

In collaboration with your team and company leadership, we will identify new opportunities to capture market share based on your existing, planned, and forecasted products.