With a proven approach focused on sales and strategic business development, TerraMetric works to secure anchor contracts and transform our clients’ potential customers into long-term recurring revenue.

We support NewSpace and Geospatial businesses as they break into new markets and achieve their objectives. We are expert mediators, bringing together the right people at the right time to allow our clients to take significant steps forward with their business.

Since its founding, TerraMetric has grown into a global NewSpace business development firm whose rise is based on the same team diversity and passion for space that have been key drivers for our team members for more than two decades. Our inherent dedication to space and geospatial applications fuels our business, and together with our partners we enable innovative NewSpace companies take part in the next trillion-dollar industry.

Meet Our Team
of experienced professionals.
Clint Graumann
CEO & Co-Founder
Team Member

Clint leads the overall strategy and direction of the company but is highly active and engaged in business development for TerraMetric’s clients, remaining hands-on in all aspects of the business. His engagements and expertise include international project management, both locally and remotely,  global growth strategies, with particular expertise in market positioning of new products and services in expansion geographies, corporate strategy development and business planning at company, business division and product levels, as well as distribution and go-to-market design innovation. Clint leads the Global Management Team and is a frequent presenter at NewSpace and Geospatial events.

Katie Graumann
COO & Co-Founder
Team Member

Katie is responsible for leading the company’s business operations including finance and marketing, executing TerraMetric’s business strategy, and ensuring operational excellence company-wide. As a member of our Global Management Team, she works to develop the company’s vision, goals, and growth strategies, as well as procedures and standards. She plays a key role in expansion activities, including investments, alliances, and relationships with partners and vendors.

Renuka Rajagopalan
Chief of Staff & Associate Vice President
Team Member

With an extensive background in program management and marketing, Renuka helps manage the TerraMetric team and oversee strategic initiatives from development to execution. Renuka is influential in critical decision making and advising TerraMetric’s clients. Effectively monitoring daily operations and applying her expertise in moving projects forward to lead clients to success. She keeps the TerraMetric team and its clients on track.

Joshua Taylor
General Counsel
Team Member

With extensive experience as legal counsel in the space sector, Josh focuses on providing TerraMetric’s clients with expert legal insight and consulting. He is TerraMetric’s General Counsel and responsible for leading the company’s global legal function. With ultimate oversight for all legal support to TerraMetric, Josh leads a global effort in contract management and client legal relations.

Tigran Mooradian
Marketing Project Manager
Team Member

Tigran provides TerraMetric with insights into marketing, branding, communications strategies, and customer relationship management. He leads marketing and technical projects, both internally and externally with TerraMetric’s clients and partners ensuring that implementation success is a priority. Tigran engages at a deep level, working in small teams to help build our clients’ strategies, capabilities, systems, and processes needed to deliver bottom-line results.

Jean Ashby
Senior Client Success Representative
Team Member

Taking advantage of a comprehensive background in customer support and client relationship management, Jean develops and maintains the relationships and strategies necessary to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for TerraMetric’s clients.  She is involved in all aspects of client support and drives results by addressing the needs, wants and concerns of our clients and by identifying new areas for opportunity through finding the root causes of problems and analyzing solutions to make informed recommendations.

Adam Keith
Affiliate Principal Advisor
Team Member

Specializing in Earth observation (EO) and disruptive technologies, Adam delivers more than 20 years of experience in the industry and is at the forefront of NewSpace. He has advised a wide range of clients including government organizations, investors and commercial organizations along the value chain. Adam has managed over 100 consulting and market intelligence projects focusing on EO markets and industry, satellite imaging and operations, and government space programs. He is a frequently invited speaker and moderator at international events focusing on evolution, market trends and dynamics within the space sector.