Space Tech

Space is set to become the next trillion-dollar industry. With our business development expertise and space sector experience, we help clients be part of the opportunity. TerraMetric can support you with everything from mission development to constellation operations.

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Satellite Constellation Operators

TerraMetric’s expertise includes planning and managing satellite operations, giving us an in-depth knowledge of this specialized market sector. TerraMetric uses this knowledge to provide our clients with strategic insight into the world of commercial mission operations.

Data Analytics

The number of sensors on Earth and in orbit has grown exponentially, producing vast amounts of data. Multi-source analytics provides a far richer view than that of any single data source, creating a thriving data analysis market. TerraMetric’s experience is helping our clients create go-to-market strategies for their analytics capabilities, empowers our clients to break into this lucrative market.

Launch Vehicles

New launch vehicles are proliferating, creating a rapidly evolving market and revolutionizing access to space. TerraMetric’s space sector expertise helps clients navigate this fast-moving market, connecting NewSpace businesses to potential customers in the launch sector.

Software and Ground Segment

The ground segment vertical market within NewSpace is evolving quickly and we are seeing participants emerge frequently. TerraMetric’s comprehensive understanding of the full space value chain extends to software and the ground segment. We work with our partners to bring our clients comprehensive knowledge of ground station networks, software, and services.

Materials and Components

With lowered launch costs and growing public and private sector interest in space, the market for space-grade materials and components is set to expand dramatically. TerraMetric’s expertise spans the full space manufacturing chain, providing our clients with unrivaled insight into emerging commercial opportunities.

Space Domain Awareness

From supporting space situational awareness to monitoring on-orbit threats, a timely and accurate understanding of the space environment is a vital component of 21st century spacefaring. TerraMetric connects clients with partners to provide everything from collision avoidance alerts to space weather updates — allowing clients to detect, predict, and assess risks on orbit.

Space Manufacturing

From rockets to instrumentation, manufacturing space hardware takes specialist knowledge and technical expertise. TerraMetric connects our clients to leading space hardware manufacturers — establishing the partnerships and knowledge exchange needed to thrive in this specialized market.


From Lunar landers to Lunar resources, renewed governmental and industrial interest in cislunar space is creating a wealth of market openings. TerraMetric helps clients find opportunities, build connections and secure revenue in the emerging market of human and robotic Lunar activity.


Geographic information systems (GIS) give the world a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing spatial data. Our clients use GIS to uncover insights into data and make better decisions. TerraMetric’s proven geospatial heritage and insight into the sector enables us to take our client’s tools to the market.

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Agriculture and Forestry

Among the great challenges the world faces is how 10 billion people will be fed by the year 2050. TerraMetric works with clients on high-tech solutions which promote food security, nutrition, and sustainable agricultural practices for millions of people around the world.

Defense and Intelligence

Geospatial data supports defense missions, providing up-to-date location information and strategic intelligence to leaders. TerraMetric opens doors into the defense sector for our clients, providing new revenue streams.

State and Civil Government

Planning urban development, infrastructure, transport, and public services affects the daily lives of millions. TerraMetric brings geospatial insight to decision-makers in state and civil governments, creating opportunities for geospatial companies to break into new markets.

Financial Institutions

From verifying insurance claims to predicting crop yields, geospatial data can influence markets and financial institutions worldwide. TerraMetric forges relationships with financial institutions, creating new market openings for our clients’ geospatial tools.

Energy and Infrastructure

We create business opportunities for our clients by approaching government national and international energy providers competing in a dynamic industry. From maximizing the value of existing reserves to deploying the latest innovations in exploration and communications, we help you develop a strategy that yields a unique advantage.

Geospatial Mapping

Accurate mapping is indispensable, enabling activities across all market sectors and forming the bedrock of the global supply chain. TerraMetric’s network and geospatial insight gives clients an advantage as they bring their mapping tools to a competitive market.