Satellites to be Built & Launched
24th Edition

A complete analysis and forecast of satellite manufacturing and launch services.

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Satellites to be Built & Launched Report

The Euroconsult report “Satellites to be Built & Launched” includes a database of all satellites launched in the last decade and a list of satellites currently under construction. As well as a launch forecast for the next decade, the report also provides detailed status and maturity assessments of 55 commercial constellations of five or more satellites.

The most significant contribution to the number of satellites in orbit —the four mega-constellations currently under construction— is also presented in detail, emphasizing their business cases and their differing vertical integration strategies.

The report was prepared using an expert analysis of changing trends in satellite applications and missions, satellite operators and users, technology advances, and the impact of these factors on the satellite manufacturing and launch industry.

Premium Plan includes an extended database featuring 30 columns with detailed breakdown (constellation, specific application, manufacturing and launch contract status, information about satellite operator, manufacturer and launch provider)

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