Ground Segment Market Prospects
2nd Edition

The essential tool for business planning and investment decisions in the ground segment industry with a forecast for the next decade.

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Ground Segment Market Prospects Report

The “Ground Segment Market Prospects” provides a unified view of the various application using the ground segment, including satellite communications and Earth observation. For each application, the report includes identifying a technology/product roadmap, an analysis of external factors that will affect the ground segment, a review of key stakeholders, including established companies and start-ups, and quantification and forecasting of the market.

As well as reviewing current data and historical data from the past five years, the report contains forecasts for the next 10-years of ground site antenna and user terminal inventory. This forecast includes the number of new units and revenues for the industry. The report particularly provides individual forecasts of market revenues and the number of new assets for antennas, RF equipment, and Baseband equipment.

The report also covers commercial teleports on the ground segment side providing support to satellite communication and Earth observation applications, serving their own needs or third parties out of Satellite Operation Centers (SOC) and Network Operation Centers (NOC).

Premium Plan includes a dataset covering about 1,000 ground sites with information on the owner, the location, the main application, and the number of antennas.

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