Government Space Programs
21st Edition

An extensive view of the activities and budgets of government space programs.

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Government Space Programs Report

The “Government Space Programs” report is a comprehensive assessment covering 87 countries investing or set to invest in space. The report contains detailed analyses of these countries’ space programs and space budgets, drawing from public sources, government reports, and expert estimates.

The report is hosted on Euroconsult’s interactive Digital Platform, providing easy access to data and report content with quarterly updates. Users can also access an in-depth profile for each country which includes:

– High-level key figures on that country’s space program, including top applications, high-profile missions, total budget, world ranking, spending per capita, 5-year CAGR, etc.

– Analysis of government space strategy and space policy documents, including key stakeholders.

– Assessment of government budgets split by application, civilian or military, 10-year historical data and 10-year forecasts.

– Breakdown and analysis of government space program by application (Satcom, satnav, EO, exploration, etc.)

– Roadmap of all satellites and space missions launched by that country (10-year historical and 10-year forecast).

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