Earth Observation for Agriculture
Forecasts 2021-2029
* Published October 2020

A market research report providing a strategic outlook of the global trends, vertical integration opportunities and regional demand for EO services & products of the agriculture sector.


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Earth Observation for Agriculture Report

The EO4AG Report bridges the gap between satellite-based Earth observation and the agriculture industry. Earth Observation enables precision agriculture, providing tools and increasing farming efficiency, with the total Earth observation agriculture market anticipated to reach over $815 million by 2029.

This report provides a detailed overview of the agricultural Earth Observation market, with trends, analysis, and strategic forecasts for the development of this lucrative sector.

The Earth Observation for Agriculture report combines TerraMetric’s unique global agricultural insight and perspective with the expertise of the world’s leading space consultancy firm Euroconsult.

TerraMetric’s executives have decades of combined experience in Earth observation for agriculture, including business development, strategy consulting, executive training, market assessment, opportunity analysis, R&D projects and software integration. In the last decade alone, our team members have individually accounted for more than $100 million in aggregated programs, projects and strategies.




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